Menu of the month


For lunch or take away you can choose from our monthly changing menu of 9 dishes. Everything is fresh and home made!

Wanna have dinner? Look here!


Lebanese spiced squid with tomato-coriander salsa

molluscs, sulfite, egg

Saithe fillet (white fish) with dukkah and orange (+2)

fish, cashew, sesame, milk

Chicken köfte with ginger, parsley and peanut sauce

gluten, celeriac, peanut, fish

Beef stew with dates and hazelnuts (+2)

hazelnut, sesame, sulfite

Roasted sweet potato with walnuts, pomegranate and sour cream (+2)

walnut, sulfite, milk

Roasted aubergine with celeriac cream and mint crumble

celeriac, sesame, cashew, sulfite

Salad with chickpea, cucumber, fennel seeds, quinoa and black olives

egg, mustard

White cabbage salad with black radish, apple and Vadouvan

sesame, soy, nuts, sulfite, mustard

Chicory TATIN with cheese cream and Ganda ham

gluten, milk, sulfite


White chocolate mousse with clementine and nuts

milk, egg, gluten, hazelnut, almond, walnut, cashew

Coconut miserable cake with preserved cherries and pistachios

almond, gluten, egg, milk, pistachio